In September 2012 I found my first slight wrinkles, at 27 years old. They were around my eyes. I saw beauty looking back at me. I have lines forming around the corners of my mouth. I look in the mirror & smile, I stop smiling, then watch as the lines stick to the surface of my skin.

I worked at a pharmacy all throughout high school. There was one conversation I had with a customer that stuck with me these 10+ years. 

When I was 16 or 17 a woman around her 40s came in. I forgot the exact context, but wrinkles around her eyes & mouth somehow got mentioned (by her). With both a glimmer of strength & sadness in her eyes, & a self-deprecating laugh, she said, “I have these wrinkles around my eyes & mouth, but lord knows I deserve every smile that caused them.”

Now, whenever I look at someone I notice their wrinkles, & can’t help but think, “What a beautiful life they’ve lived.”


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